Viton® Industrial Rubber Compound

Viton Seal - a Brand of The Chemours CompanyPartner of Viton, a Brand of The Chemours Company - Industrial RubberRainier Rubber Company is one of only 24 licensed Genuine Viton® Manufacturers. DuPont® realized the need for licensed Viton® Manufacturers in order to ensure that when a customer requested Viton®, they received Viton®. After an extensive on-site audit Rainier Rubber Company was awarded the status as a Genuine Viton® Manufacturer. We are proud to be able to partner with DuPont® to help insure that end users receive what they specify.

Industrial Rubber for Superior Sealing Performance

Viton fluoroelastomer was introduced in 1957 to meet the needs in the aerospace industry for a high-performance sealing elastomer. Since then, the use of Viton fluoroelastomer has spread quickly to many other industries required industrial rubber compounds, especially in the automotive, fluid power, appliance, and chemical industries. With 40 years of field-proven performance, Viton fluoro-elastomer has developed a reputation for its outstanding performance in very hot and extremelycorrosive environments.

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