Semiconductor Rubber

RingsSemiconductor rubber seals and O-rings have been a major part of the Rainier Rubber Company’s business for the last twenty-five years. Today this market accounts for nearly one fourth of our annual sales. CHEMTEMP® has been an integral seal material in O-ring, molded seal and inflatable door seal applications since its introduction in 1984. Recently we have introduced CHEMTEMP® UC which bridges the gap between fluoroelastomers and perfluoroelastomers. CHEMTEMP® UC specifically addresses the gap between these two polymers by providing outstanding chemical resistance and lower levels of extractables. This latest Rainier Rubber Company introduction was specifically formulated for those cost-sensitive and demanding semiconductor applications where a fluoroelastomer is either too dirty or not able to withstand the environment and where a perfluoroelastomer is too expensive.

Our line of ALLCHEM® perfluoroelastomers addresses all of the concerns of the Semiconductor market place. The 2460 series addresses those applications where excessive temperature demands are not a concern.

Our 2470 line excels in the most demanding temperatures and aggressive environments. Not only does the 2470 series outperform the competition it also delivers on cost reductions.

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WafersFor those extremely sensitive applications that require nothing but the cleanest material our 2475 line of clear perfluoro delivers the cleanest material available on the market today. Contact your Rainier Rubber Company representative for extractables data, SEM/EDX and customer studies that validate these claims. Density Defect Reduction is a reality in the seal industry because of this material.

Semiconductor Solutions

All semiconductor seals are manufactured, cleaned and packaged in our Class 100 environment. Call today for more information or samples. Some of our best success stories come from joint development ventures where we worked directly with the OEM and the end user to solve their sealing needs. On numerous occasions we have built tooling, proofed first articles and delivered parts to the customer in less than one week.

Our distribution customers represent the largest names in the semiconductor seal industry. The chances are good if you’re using a special durometer, color or material we are manufacturing that product.