Domestic – Custom Fabricated Rubber

  • Desma Injection Molding Machine Injection PressHigh volume, low cost, exceptional quality – these are the criteria used to determine if an order is slotted for our injection molding line. Here we invest in only the best equipment, having standardized on Desma. This allows us to better meet your volume, quality and delivery requirements.
  • Compression and Transfer MoldingCompression and Transfer Molding - Custom Fabricated Rubber Our main press line utilizes compression and transfer molding with platen sizes starting as small as eight inches. This flexibility allows us to economically build the right sized tooling for your work. The number of cavities and the platen size directly impact the cost of your custom fabricated rubber parts. We take special care upfront to ensure that we build tooling to the appropriate size to meet your cost and delivery needs.
  • We Have Three Press Lines Our press lines are organized into three distinct business units allowing us to meet your compression, injection and transfer rubber molding needs. These three areas also allow us the flexibility to place your order on the equipment that will best meet your order requirements.These three business units lend themselves to the implementation of lean manufacturing principles throughout our facility.NEED IT TOMORROW? Our lab is where we run all prototype work, very small orders and those ever-present rush orders. We have five presses dedicated to quick turnaround projects. The Rainier Rubber Company is committed to meeting our customers’ needs.
  • All Types of Molded and Injected PartsAll Types of Molded and Injected Parts