ALLCHEM® Perfluoroelastomer Products

ALLCHEM Logo2460 is our general purpose Perfluoroelastomer which offers the same outstanding chemical resistance as our 2470 series. This line of material is best suited for those aggressive environments that do not exceed 250°C. Specify our 2460 series when you applications demand cost savings, chemical resistance and superior physical properties.

With the introduction of the 2470 series of ALLCHEM®, engineers now have a material that provides the high temperature resistance of a Triazine cured material with the outstanding chemical resistance and physical properties of a peroxide cured material. This outstanding performance stems from the proprietary “Branching & Pseudo-Living” polymerization technology, which allows for the creation of additional cross-links in the polymer’s molecular structure. (Contact us for actual case studies.)

Our 2475 series: The NANOCHEM® line of Perfluoroelastomers target significant defect density reductions. A proprietary polymerization process similar to the branching & pseudo-living technology produces nano-sized particles that fall below current detection methods. Additionally, the NANOCHEM® material lacks the typical fillers found in all other elastomeric seals. The absence of these fillers eliminate the contamination common with other Perfluoroelastomers.

ALLCHEM Bar ChartTraditionally, the high temperature and resistance of Polytetrafluoroethylene can be attributed to the high bond energy of C-F and C-C links typical of fluorocarbons. The three cure systems—Peroxide, Triazide and Bisphenol each impart characteristics that are uniquely suited to different applications.

Now engineers have in one compound the high temperature resistance of a Triazine cured material with the strong physical properties and chemical inertness of a Peroxide cured system.

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