CHEMTEMP LogoThe CHEMTEMP® series is a family of high performance seal compounds that bridges the gap between polymer families. The unique polymer structure of Ethylene, Tetrafluoroethylene and Perfluoromethylvinylether give CHEMTEMP® the broadest fluid resistance of any fluoroelastomer. This unique compound combines the chemical compatibility characteristics of Aflas® and Viton® into one compound. It’s functional temperature range is from -20°C to over 200°C, giving it better low temperature sealing properties.

Rainier Rubber Company was one of the first companies in the early 1980s to recognize the value of the Viton® ETP offerings. When perfluoroelastomers are over engineered give CHEMTEMP® an evaluation. So often a perfluoro is specified because nothing else will work. CHEMTEMP® custom compounding fills that performance gap between fluorocarbon and perfluorocarbon at a fraction of the cost.

CHEMTEMP® is well established in the Semiconductor Industry, and our Ultra Clean formulation brings metals contamination to the lowest levels of any fluorocarbon based polymer. Contact us today for information on the attributes of 2007UC-75.

CHEMTEMP® is found in literally tens of thousands of HVLP spray guns manufactured around the world. CHEMTEMP®’s solvent resistance is the key to this unique compound’s success in this demanding market.

When To Use CHEMTEMP® Custom Compounding

  • Applications where a perfluoroelastomer would be over-engineering.
  • Upgrading from conventional fluoroelastomers like Viton®, Fluorel, or Aflas®.
  • Aggressive mixed process streams where conventional products are inadequate.
  • The processing and handling of new automotive fuel additives and oxygenates such as TAME, ETBE and MTBE.
  • Paint Spray applications where fluorocarbon seals fail and perfluoroelastomer seals are too expensive.