Standard Compounds


Standard Compounds – Custom Fabrication

The Rainier Rubber Company has over 300 active compounds as well as custom mixing to help ensure that we have the right material to fulfill your needs.

Custom Fabrication is Our Specialty

Additional help or information in selecting a compound can be found by contacting your Rainier Rubber Company representative.

ButylR0405-70-65 to 225°F70BlackASTM D2000 4AA710, A13, B13, F17
Ethylene PropyleneEPDMR0606-70-65 to 300°F70BlackASTM D2000 BA712 – FDA white list approved
Ethylene PropyleneEPDMR0619-5050BlackAMS 3260B
Ethylene PropyleneEPDMR0622-6060BlackBMS1-50 CLA TYII GR60 BMS1-71C CLI
ChloropreneNeopreneR0706-6060BlackASTM D2000 M5BC610, A14, EO14, EO34, F19
ChloropreneNeopreneR0710-70-40 to 250°F70BlackAMS-R-6855A CL2 TYA GR70
ChloropreneNeopreneR0712-4040BlackAMS-R-6855A CL2 TYB GR40
ChloropreneNeopreneR0717-80 -40 to 250°F80BlackASTM D2000 M2BC810, A14, B14, EO14, F17 &/or AMS-R-6855A CL2 GR80
ChloropreneNeopreneR0718-40-40 to 250°F40BlackASTM D2000 MBC410, Z1
ChloropreneNeopreneR0726-50-40 to 250°F50BlackAMS-R-6855A CL2 TYA GR50
ChloropreneNeopreneR0728-60-40 to 250°F60BlackBMS1-11L TYII GR60 &/or AMS-R-6855 CL2 GR60
Nitrile - HydrogenatedRO845-7070Black
NitrileR0803-50-40 to 250°F50BlackMIL-R-15624E CL3 MIL-R-3065E
NitrileR0805-60-40 to 250°F60BlackAMS-R-6855A CL1 GR60
NitrileR0806-70-40 to 250°F70BlackASTM D2000 2BG715, B14, EO14, EO34, F17
Nitrile - CarboxylatedR0813-8080Black
Nitrile - CarboxylatedR0815-9090Black
NitrileR0816-90-40 to 250°F90BlackMIL-P-5510C ASTM D2000 6BG915, B14, EO34, TR-10 of 0°F
NitrileR0819-5050BlackAMS-R-6855A CL1 GR50
NitrileR0821-7070BlackAMS-R-6855A CL1 GR70
NitrileR0847-7070BlackASTM D2000 2BG720, B14, EF11, EF21, F17 ASTM D2000 2BG720, B14, EO14, EO34, F17
NitrileR0873-65-40 to 250°F65BlackMil-P-5315
NitrileR0885-5050BlackNASM3036 COMP A
SiliconeR1103-80-80 to 450°F80BlackZZ-R-765E CL2B GR80
SiliconeR1107-40-80 to 450°F40RedZZ-R-765E CL2B GR40
SiliconeR1112-5555BAC COLORBMS1-72B
SiliconeR1113-5555BAC COLORBMS1-72B
SiliconeR1116-5555BAC COLORBMS1-72B
SiliconeR1122-50-80 to 450°F50RedAMS3302G
SiliconeR1123-60-80 to 450°F60BlackA-A-59588 ZZ-R-765 2B Grade 60
SiliconeR1124-70-80 to 450°F70RedAMS3304G / A-A-59588 ZZ-R-765E CL2A&2B GR70
SiliconeR1125-70-80 to 450°F70White
SiliconeR1131-70-80 to 450°F70RedAMS 3337D
SiliconeR1144-5050BlackA-A-59588 ZZ-R-765E CL2A&2B GR50
SiliconeR1145-7070BlackA-A-59588 ZZ-R-765E CL2B GR70
SiliconeR1146-5050TanDMS 2221B
Silicone - High TemperatureR1148-75-80 to 550°F75RedAMS 7267G
SiliconeR1152-5050RedBMS1-54H / NASM-G-3036 Composition B
SiliconeR1153-7070GrayA-A-59588 ZZ-R-765E CL2B GR70
SiliconeR1161-50-80 to 450°F50ClearFDA Approved Medical Grade CL6
SiliconeR1166-6060BlackASTM D2000 610,A19,B37,EA14,F19,Z1 A-A-59588 ZZ-R-765E CL2B GR60 BMS1-71C CL II
SiliconeR1182-4040Pantone 424u
SiliconeR1185-7070BlueA-A-59588 ZZ-R-765E CL2B GR70
SiliconeR1196-5050Trans. Gray
FluorocarbonR1407-7070BlackMS400.003 TY B
FluorocarbonR1411-75-20 to 450°F75BlackAMS7276G = MIL-R-83248C TYI CLI ASTM D2000 M4HK710, A1-11, B38, EF31, EO88, Z1
FluorocarbonR1413-90-20 to 450°F90BlackASTM D2000 2HK815 AMS3218B = MIL-R-83248C TYII CL2 AMS7259D = MIL-R-83248C TYI CL2
FluorocarbonR1431-7575BrownASTM D2000 M2HK715, A1-10, B37, EF31, EO78, F15, Z1
FluorocarbonR1439-7575BlackF605C Genuine F Type Viton®
Tetrafluoroethylene / PropyleneAflasR1505-65-25 to 400°F60Black
Tetrafluoroethylene / PropyleneAflasR1507-7575BlackCertified to Hardness 75+/-5; Tensile minimum 1800 PSI & Ultimate Elongation 220%: Comp. Set 40% Max; Specific Gravity 1.60+/-.03
FluorosiliconeR1713-50-80 to 450°F50GrayBMS1-53G
FluorosiliconeR1715-4040BlackMIL-R-25988B TY2 CL1 GR40
FluorosiliconeR1734-70-80 to 450°F70BlueMil-R-25988, Grade 70
FluorosiliconeR1735-60-80 to 450°F60BlueMIL-R-25988B TY1 CL1 GR60
FluorosiliconeR1736-80-80 to 450°F80BlueMIL-R-25988B TY1 CL1 GR80
FluorosiliconeR1737-75-80 to 450°F75BlueMIL-R-25988B TY1 CL3 GR75
FluorosiliconeR1757-6565BlueAMS 7273C MIL-R-25988B TY2 CL1 GR60, GR70
FluorosiliconeR1760-5050BlackMIL-R-25988B TY2 CL1 GR50
R2007-75R2007-75-20 to 450°F75Black
FluorocarbonCHEMTEMPR2008-75-20 to 450°F75White
PerfluoroelastomerALLCHEM, KalrezR2460-75230°C75Black
PerfluoroelastomerALLCHEM, KalrezR2461-70230°C70White
PerfluoroelastomerALLCHEM, KalrezR2462-90230°C90Black
PerfluoroelastomerALLCHEM, KalrezR2463-7070Blue
PerfluoroelastomerALLCHEM, KalrezR2464-80250°C80WhiteFDA
PerfluoroelastomerALLCHEM, KalrezR2470-75315°C75WhiteAMS7257C
PerfluoroelastomerALLCHEM, KalrezR2471-70315°C70White
PerfluoroelastomerALLCHEM, KalrezR2473-75310 to 315°C75WhiteFDA
PerfluoroelastomerALLCHEM, KalrezR2474-85310 to 315°C85WhiteFDA
PerfluoroelastomerALLCHEM, KalrezR2475-70220°C70ClearFDA
PerfluoroelastomerALLCHEM, KalrezR2475-80220°C80ClearFDA
PerfluoroelastomerALLCHEM, KalrezR2476-90315°C90BlackFDA
Foam / SpongeR3000WhiteBMS1-68G FORM1 GRB
Foam / SpongeR3100RedBMS1-23K
Foam / SpongeR3102BlueBMS1-60G TYI GRB Form I

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